Recessed Ceiling Projection Screen

The EURROS Electric projection screen with a recessed installation case provides you with the possibility to more or less hide the screen completely when not in use.
The casing is designed for installation within a ceiling void, often suitable bothin suspended and plastered ceilings.
The Inceiling gives you the ability to install an Electric Cinema Projection Screen into the ceiling so that it is out of sight & out of mind when not in use, but instantly accessible for maintenance or adjustment issues. With an integrated option for electrical connection and a universal bracketing system for the screen, the Inceiling Screen Box can be pre-fitted during building construction stage.

Supplied with ceiling edge cover strips and a low sheen white painted finish underside, once installed, this box requires no additional trades to finish. When the dust has settled from the building site, you simply fit the screen and close the access door and you're done!

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