Product Range


Suvira International is one of the leading manufacturers & dealing in all kinds of Audio Visual products and Imagining Systems categorized as Desktop and portable Over Head Projectors(OHP), LCD/DLP Projectors, types of Projection Screen like Motorised Projection Screen, Manual Projection Screen, Tripod Projection Screen, Floorup Projection Screen, Map Type Projection Screen, Wall and Ceiling Projection Screen. Semi Automatic Slide Projector and many more.

For detailed descriptions of the products check the products listed below.



Desktop And Potable OHP

LCD And DLP Projectors

Motorised & Manual Projection Screen

Ceiling Mount


Interactive Board

White,Chalk And Green Boards

Episcope And Opaque Projector

Digital Imaging System

Motorized Projector Lift

Projector Trolley

Semi And Automatic Slide Projector

CCD-Imaging System For Microscope

Microfilm And Microfiche Readers

Document CCD Camera


Projection Screens


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