Cyber Series Projection Screen

CYBER SERIES is a fitting name for a model with a refined design and rounded lines. The secret lies in the case its lateral ends made of pressure die-cast aluminium hide the fastening screws from sight and, once the screen is rolled up, the lid-like screen base forms a seamless whole with the case itself. The product's attention to detail is matched by its versatility: Cyber Series is the ideal solution for installations which involve specific aesthetic requirements and need personalized adjustments. Style and easy installation team up to provide a complete product.

The CYBER Series come in two options one with Synchronise Motor i.e low horse power suitable for small sizes and Tubular Motor option for Bigger sizes and with higher horsepower. Also the Cyber series is having Normal Motorised as well as Integrated Motorised Option in which The Integrated Model Motorised screen is equipped with IR, External IR, RF, Wall type RF switch , Trigger Wire, In line Wall Switch as standard accessories and Projector Synchroniser as a Optional Accessory.

The Cyber Series projection screen proven quality that is both robust and durable which is suitable for any environment.

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