Fixed Frame Projection Screen

A luxurious, high quality fixed frame screen with an angled, black velvet frame and a wide selection of various screen fabrics. The flat aluminium frame for the EURROS Fixed Frame Screens has a black velvet cover, which prevents reflection and serves to absorb projected light. The projection screen surface is stretched over each of the four sides of the frame by means of tension rods and hooks.

The primary benefit of fixed frame screens, also called permanently tensioned projection screens, is the perfectly flat projection surface. A general rule for all projection screens is that the flatness of the projection surface is one of the most essential factors to obtain a high image quality.

Fixed frame screens are equipped with unsupported vinyl surface and the screen's frame parts puts equal tension on the elastic surface to achieve the flattest possible image surface. Typically fixed frame screens are installed onto a wall. Fixed Frame Screens are shipped as flat packages, which mean the viewing surface is rolled on a core and frame parts are not assembled by the delivery.

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