Optical Glass Rear Screen

EURROS glass screen is of the high gain values , without visual dead angle, suitable for high-end meeting room, hall of command, studio, advertising display, high-end home theater and other high requirements of the user, to each viewer brings a distinct and highly visual sense.

High picture quality is the greatest feature of this product. Due to the adoption of a nanoscale optical imaging coating, optical microsphere lens reaches micron level, thus forming particles is very exquisite, far less than the projector pixels. Ambient light on the screen shows the effect of interference is very small, the black screen performance is excellent, colour saturation and contrast is very high, with high-quality projector, screen the entire screen is crystal clear, colour rich, solid stability, structured, display effect can be achieved to monitor the level of demand.

Wide visual angle is the product of a major bright spot, whether this product in a conference room or in the control center, or business show, broadcast the film, can guarantee that each viewer can be anything from a viewing point to clear and bright picture, do not have visual dead angle, viewing angle of 180 degrees. EURROS screen quality and stability of product consistency and. Each screen coating process are complete clean room, using high-precision industrial computer automatic control of production, and the use of specialized testing equipment on the screen to carry out strict inspection tests, to ensure that the factory screen pass rate can reach more than 99%.

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