Broadcasting Screen-Edge Blending Screen

A professional large-scale projection system is a multi-channel display system based on the combination of smaller multiple projection system. Compared with an ordinary standard projection system, the display size is bigger, details are sharper and the image overall resolution is higher. Edge Blending contributes to give a bigger impact and more immersive visual effect.

1. What is Edge Blending Technology?
Edge Blending is a technology that allows the combination of several image layers projected by a set of video projectors. The image obtained through Edge Blending is seamless but also brighter, wider and of higher resolution, just like an image projected by a single video projector.

2. Why to choose Edge Blending?
2.1 To Increase the Image's Size and Integrity:
The image projected jointly by multiple video projectors is indeed larger than one image projected by one single video projector.

2.2 To Improve the Image's Brightness:
When the image projected by a single projected by a single projector is magnified, its overall Brightness will be lowered. By using Edge Blending, the image projected by multiple video projectors with equal brightness will maintain the original image brightness.

2.3 Increase the Image's Resolution:
Multiple projectors are used together to display a single image source, by each projecting a part of the final image. The allows a higher resolution projection since the projector's performance is combined. By using a multi-channel high-resolution projection since the projectors' performance is combined. By using a multi-channel high-resolution image processor, Ultra High- Resolution images can be synthesized.

2.4 Shorten Projection Distance:
By using Edge Blending with two or more projectors, the projection distance can be reduced. Indeed, the more projectors used, the shorter the projection distance.

2.5 Projection on Specific Shaped Screens (i.e. Curved Screens, Spherical Screen, etc...)
It can be difficult to project on entire Curved Screen using one single projector because the screen's arc-cord does not allow any suitable focus point. Using Edge Blending with such types of screens will avoid such problems, thus rendering better images in terms of resolution, focus and brightness.

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